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Swanbourne Beach, Perth

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Founded by Lynn Grandjean, One Pilates moved to its new location in May 2020. Inspired by the turquoise waters and sandy beaches of her native Australia, the studio is an oasis of calm in the luxury jewellery and watchmakers’ business district of Plan-les-Ouates. 


Lynn is one of 11 ‘Second Generation’ Pilates Master trainers in Europe, and brings her down-to-earth style, sense of fun and experienced staff to empower people from all walks of life to move their bodies with greater awareness and freedom. 


One Pilates Studio is Geneva’s only licensed provider of Lolita’s Legacy Teacher Training and features the complete range of Gratz and Stott Pilates equipment - Reformers, Towers, Cadillac, Barrels, Chairs, Spine Correctors as well as small props.


Reconnect, Realign and Renew

"Change happens through 

movement and movement heals"


-Joseph Pilates



Lynn Grandjean


Lynn Grandjean is an Australian living in Geneva.


After her second pregnancy, she took her very first Pilates class on a whim, having very little body awareness or natural flexibility. Pilates exercises looked so easy, but were so hard. She was captivated, and never looked back.


Fast forward 15 years and she still trains many Pilates teachers in this lakeside town and brings her fresh spirit to helping students discover better body awareness, balance, and strength while continuing to advance her own knowledge under Kathi Ross-Nash’s Red Thread Advanced Professional Training Program.

Lynn and her team are part of a lineage of instruction that was taught to Lolita San Miguel, who is the only remaining living person to have trained directly with Joseph Pilates.

Lynn Grandjean
Caroline Sagot

Caroline Sagot


Caroline trained as a dancer in Lyon, Nice and Geneva. She performed internationally with The Art School Center, was the principal  dancer with the Redha Benteifour troupe and assistant choreographer for the Russian singer Agun Kazimova, in Azerbaijan.


Caroline practiced various forms of Pilates throughout her dance career and enjoyed its considerable benefits for her body, mind and contribution to her dancing. She is fully certified and completed her Pilates training through Lolita’s Legacy and uses her experience in movement to complement her teaching.

Héloïse Legoux


Héloïse trained as a dancer in Annecy, Lyon and Cannes. She discovered Pilates while training at the Rosella Hightower School of Dance in Cannes and was struck by the profound effects of Pilates on her body awareness and mental equilibrium. She is fully certified and completed her Pilates training through Lolita’s Legacy.

Heloise Legoux


Lynn Grandjean - ONE Pilates Studio

Introductory Offer


We require 3 private sessions before joining our Studio.

This is so that:

  • we can take the time to listen to your needs and understand your goals

  • we can better assess your body ad posture so we can navigate your Pilates journey

  • we introduce you to the principles of Pilates, so you have the fundamental foundation to start you off on the right track

250chf for 3 sessions within 2 weeks

Small Group Classes


Enjoy the small group dynamic with a

maximum 4 people (minimum 2)

Increase your strength, flexibility, correct your posture and

challenge your stability

All classes are a combination of

Reformer, Tower, Mat and Chair

Small group classes from 160chf per month

Please contact us for special offers and further discounts on monthly and annual packages

 Private or Duos


Individual private sessions adapted to your body, needs and goals or double the fun with a friend or we can also find a match for you upon request a full studio equipment experience, ideal for clients with special considerations

Private sessions from 400chf per month

Duo sessions from 240chf per month

Please contact us for special offers and further discounts on monthly and annual packages.



Please note that MindBody bookings are for current clients only. All new clients must book first class directly with the studio




One Pilates is Geneva’s only Pilates studio that is fully-licensed to provide Pilates teacher training for Lolita’s Legacy Program, the namesake of ‘First Generation’ Master Trainer Lolita San Miguel, who was trained directly by Joseph Pilates.


The teacher training program blends the history of Joseph Pilates’ original method with contemporary developments in exercise science to ensure the highest standards of practice and safety.


Lolita’s Legacy Pilates Teacher Training Program is a fully comprehensive 500-hour program that is internationally recognized and meets the requirements of professional standards as  defined by the Pilates Method Alliance for Pilates Teacher Training.

As a graduate of the teacher training program at One Pilates, you would become a third generation Pilates instructor in the lineage of Joseph H. Pilates.


Training passionate,

competent and confident teachers



"I had recurring problems with my
back, now they have all disappeared.
Classes are always 

- A.

ONE Pilates Studio - Lynn Grandjean
ONE Pilates Studio - Lynn Grandjean

"The perfect place to reconstruct,
Thank you

- D.

ONE Pilates Studio - Lynn Grandjean

"I never thought it possible to
laugh and work out at the same time.
It's always fun coming to you.

- J.




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What is Pilates?


Pilates is a physical fitness system that aims to improve flexibility, strength and body alignment by focusing on the body-mind connection, breath awareness and the deep abdominal core muscles.

Who was Joseph Pilates?

Joseph Pilates, a German-born, naturalized American, lived from 1883-1967. Interned by the British during WWI, he coached his fellow German inmates in physical fitness and rehabilitation with his method of exercises that he called Contrology.


Contrology, with its emphasis on the importance of the body and mind connection, breath awareness, deep abdominal core postural muscles and body alignment are the basis of the training system that bears his name today. 


Who can do Pilates? 


Pilates is for anyone who wants a healthier, stronger and more flexible body in order to move with greater freedom, comfort and higher performance in their daily lives. Our instructors are experienced in selecting exercises according to your needs, goals, age and physical condition. 


Can I do Pilates after an injury?


Yes absolutely!  However, please consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program in the early stages of recovery or pregnancy. Pilates methods are recommended by physiotherapists, midwives, osteopaths and doctors to improve posture, correct imbalances and enhance functional movement. Sessions are covered by many complementary health insurance in Switzerland.


 What should I look for in a Pilates instructor?


There is a wide variety in qualifications for Pilates training - ask what equipment your instructor is qualified to teach on,  the duration of their training and whether they continue to participate in continuing education.  One Pilates teachers have followed a comprehensive program of training that includes an apprenticeship period of 500 hours. 


How often should I practice Pilates and can I combine it with my regular workout/sport?


Pilates complements other physical activities. We would recommend alternating your Pilates sessions with rest days and cardiovascular exercise for overall health benefits. Since consistent practice reinforces the mind-body connection and helps to consolidate the principles of Pilates, we recommend doing Pilates 1- 3 times a week. 


What can I expect from my first class? 


At One Pilates, we recommend new students to begin with a minimum of 3 private lessons. In these initial classes, we will conduct a postural analysis and will introduce you to the principles of the Pilates method - breath, how to move from your centre and stabilizing exercises which will be the foundation for moving forward to the next levels. We will discuss any past or current medical issues or injuries and build a Pilates training program according to your goals. 


Although everyone is different, you should feel results from the very first class - such as a feeling of release,  increased flexibility, better sleep and/or having more energy.


What should I wear? What should I bring?


Please wear socks, and fitted workout attire so the instructor can see your body move. You may wish to bring a water bottle, and hair tie for long hair if necessary. Before class, please wash your hands in the washroom next to the lift and/or use hand sanitizer, which is available at the entrance of the studio.


Is Pilates the same as yoga?


Yoga is an ancient practice that includes physical postures, breathing exercises, relaxation,  meditation and often involves the exploration of ethical living and spirituality. Pilates is a modern system of effective whole body conditioning, that aims to realign and connect the body through mindful movements.  


Will I lose weight doing Pilates?


The main focus of Pilates is not to burn calories, but to train your body to move from a more balanced, and ultimately stronger place. This change can have a transformational impact on your posture, movement, confidence, and lifestyle. 


Machines vs. mat class: what’s the difference?


Most people will reap similar benefits from both methods as both will teach you how to effectively use your powerhouse and build strength in your body’s core, which will translate to benefits in your day-to-day activities or sports. While the exercises are similar on mat and equipment, the workouts are notably different.

Mat exercises use body weight alone. Pilates machines have springs that add resistance and support,  so are more effective for those with limited range of movement, injuries, or chronic imbalances for building strength for  challenging stabilising muscles, and for increasing joint stability


  • The studio is applying the following hygiene measures, for the health of all of us
    and our loved ones. 

  • Please wash your hands in the toilet located in the corridor.

  • The studio door will be ajar so you don't have to touch the handle to open the door.

  • To change into pilates clothes, please do so quickly so that the next client can also use the space, or better yet come already dressed.

  • The studio respects the physical distance of 1.5m and limits the number of people in the studio to a maximum of 8 (and we will rarely be at this maximum) at the same time. 

  • Careful disinfection before and after lessons of all equipment used.

  • Of course, and as always, if you feel sick don't come!




110 Chemin du Pont-du-Centenaire, 2nd Floor,

1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva


(Parking available at Skylab Public Parking)


+41 (0) 79 312 1958

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